Thursday 28th May

Well here we are again and another Thursday rushes toward us, ever
hopeful I keep checking the mail box to see if someone has sent in a
songlist or new song they desperately want to try. But alas my box is
empty again 😦
So you will have to put up with the late night rambling list of songs
some I don’t really know to be honest, just hoping that someone will
lead us through them.

The Cave
Eight days a week
What a day for a daydream
Fat bottomed girls
Friday I’m in love
Still in love with you ( I think we might have scored as many points
with this if we’d entered)
It’s 5 O’clock somewhere (Relying on you Gary Croxford for this one)
Mr Brightside (One for you Claudia)
I saw her standing there
There’s a guy works down the chipshop.

That’s the end of my imagination tonight sitting here typing away
listening to the best of Kenny Rogers, don’t ask why.

We finally had a couple of suggestions for theme nights, We have the
70’s and a Disney night. So we need a suggestion from each of you that
fits into the above themes. If you can find the chords please send
them if not I am sure someone will.

See you all on Thursday at the Lamplighter from around 7 as usual.


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