Practice practice practice

How do you get better at playing the ukulele – practice practice practice there are no shortcuts.

Things I have been practicing this past week. Still practicing “Duelling Banjos” as per the captainbirdseed1 tutorial. I am slowly getting the hang of the fast part sometimes it sounds reasonable other times I don’t seem to manage to pick some of the strings, maybe I am holding it slightly different each time, it’s back to practicing again. I try and go through lots of different songs at the moment, more to practice changing between chords than to learn a specific tune. I usually have a look through one of the many ukulele song books that are available. I came across the Bytown Ukulele group from Ottawa who have a great selection of song books from other groups.

Back to the Badby ukulele group last night “DukesUkes” after the christmas break. It’s great sitting around strumming with a few people no one notices if you miss a chord or two or play the wrong one, and you don’t have time to stop and start again like you do on your own. If you haven’t already joined a group go out there and find one


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