Happy New Year


One of my Christmas presents. My son made me a stand for my ukulele this sits on the desk right next to me ready to be picked up.

So what have I been up to over the Christmas break, put new strings on my ukulele a couple of days ago they are settling down nicely just a little bit of tweaking now each day. On christmas day I had a bit of a sing along with my wife’s mum, just about managed to keep up with her. This was the fist time I had anyone sing along with me apart from the ukulele club night I go to I was pleased that I could manage a recognisable tune. I will do a seperate post about the club another day.

Haven’t had much time these past couple of days to strum much but today I have had a bit of time with dueling banjos, this is a piece I keep going back to my wife wants to hear it in full. Like mist tunes I find it best to break it down into small manageable parts. I am using a video on Youtube by captainbirdseed1 now I know he isn’t the greatest of teachers and he gets his strings and frets mixed up at times but he breaks it all down into simple pieces. Once all the parts are together I think it sounds if I can ever sound like that I will be happy.


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