two days in a row

I really need to be able to hold my ukulele correctly. I have watched lots of videos of people playing and they seem to have no problems. The way I am holding it it moves about a lot when I am changing between some chords especially going back to a G. Guess I just need to practice more. I think I am trying to rush ahead without really grasping the basics. Have seen you can various ukulele staps, do I carry on with the practice or just get a strap?

Had a good practice tonight changing between chords, a bit of strumming patterns and a few tunes in the middle of it all.


4 thoughts on “two days in a row

  1. I have had my Ukulele for one year exactly today. I am 53 years old and until I purchased this Ukulele had never even so much as held a musical instrument of any kind. I still can not play a song. I have learned lots of chords and am now starting to pick up on the strumming. I purchased a strap for mine as I have some very serious back issues and even as light as the Uke is it still really takes it’s toll on me. The strap help lots in keeping the Uke in it’s proper place.
    Don’t stop practicing because you don’t have a strap, practice and when you can get a strap.
    They tell me that one day it will all just fall into place, I am keeping that thought in mind and am looking forward to that happening. For now I tuck myself away somewhere and practice, some times it is good sometimes it is really frustrating. The thing of it is, never give up!!!
    Keep on Strumming and Happy Ukeing!

    • Hi Jeanette
      thanks, I do go to a ukulele club over in Daventry which is only about 15 miles away. I will do a post on it soon to try and get a few more members.
      Thanks for the link to your site that looks good.
      I still have loads of things to add to my blog as soon as I get some time.

      Take care

      • Hi Ian,

        I’m pleased you’ve got a local club to attend – I’ve been teaching myself for just over a year & found joining PLUC was really useful in terms of support from more experienced members & just gaining confidence in playing generally (it’s very different playing in a group compared to alone at home!).

        Good luck in getting publicity for your club & in your blog.

        Best wishes & have a great Xmas!


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